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Parenting Ebook: A Guide to Raising Bilingual Children

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Bilingualism is a beautiful gift. In today’s modern, globalised world, being bilingual is an enormous advantage and sometimes necessary too. But becoming truly bilingual is easier said than done. While parents play a significant role in children’s language acquisition, it can feel a bit daunting to step into the world of raising a bilingual child, especially if they are don't speak the language or aren't as fluent.


‘A Guide to Raising Bilingual Children’ offers insight into how parents can encourage children to develop a genuine interest in the languages and easy-to-digest tips and strategies to make the goal of raising bilingual children attainable and worthwhile.


Some of the topics we address in this issue include:

  • What does it mean to be bilingual?
  • Strategies for parents to support bilingual learning
  • Tips on choosing a bilingual programme
  • Fun activities for children of all ages
  • Recommended learning resources for parents