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Chinese Programme in EtonHouse Bilingual Preschool 215 Upper Bukit Timah-1

ZhongHua Mandarin Immersion is so well-loved by parents that we have decided to offer it at our Newton, Vanda, Robertson Walk and Mountbatten 718 campuses too. 

An inquiry curriculum delivered exclusively in Mandarin, this programme lays a strong foundation in the language from a very young age.

Every day, children are exposed to the language for an extended period in school. This exclusive Mandarin-speaking environment, which many do not have at home, is essential in giving children a strong foundation in the language.


Cultivating a genuine love for the language

On top of developing a life-long competence and interest in the language, our programme aims to develop an appreciation of the Chinese culture, as well as to nurture globally-focused and culturally competent children. Cultural immersion is, therefore, a critical part of our Chinese programme and includes elements such as calligraphy, Chinese performing arts and inquiry projects on Chinese traditions, to name a few. 

Programme Highlights

  • Native speaking educators
  • Inquiry-based curriculum inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach
  • Learning Mandarin by immersing in a Chinese environment and integrating the 100 Languages
  • Multi-cultural experiences with regular festive celebrations

Programme Components

75% Inquiry-based activities (Inquire-Think-Learn Curriculum)

We emphasize Chinese culture and language through the Inquire-Think-Learn approach using current themes and the 100 languages. Some examples include:

  • Art (Shadow play, Chinese knotting, embroidery)
  • Performing Arts (Puppet show, Chinese musical instruments, Chinese opera, Traditional folk art, Crosstalk, Two-man act, etc)
  • Sports and Games (Traditional acrobatics, Bamboo dance, Kungfu).

25% Chinese Language Arts

Mandarin nursery rhymes, poems and stories are integrated into creative learning experiences. Depending on the year level, children can experience language arts activities such as:

  • Language Arts (Nursery Rhymes, Tongue twisters, Clapper talk, Reading and recitation of Chinese poetry)
  • Art (Traditional Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy)
  • Performing Arts (Peking Opera, Comedic cross talk)

EtonHouse Newton offers ZhongHua Mandarin Immersion. 

Our unique Mandarin Immersion Programme is an inquiry-based curriculum delivered entirely in Mandarin for Pre-Nursery and Nursery 1 children. 

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