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From 22 April 2024 to 17 June 2024, enjoy a fee rebate of $1000* (before GST) when you apply to EtonHouse Nature Pre-School. Join us at our Experience Day on 8 June 2024, book a tour to find out more.


EtonHouse Pre-School @ Mountbatten 718 is poised for an exciting transformation in the coming months!

Visit us to learn more about the enhancements:

  • Newly transformed environment includes the Butterfly Trellis, River Cove and Food Atelier
  • Upcoming additions include: Treetop Trellis, Adventure Playland and Explorer Park 
  • Enhanced operational flexibility. Operating hours will be 7 am - 7 pm from Jan 2024
  • Bespoke Primary Preparation Programme to equip K1 & K2 children with skills and readiness for their primary school transition

EtonHouse Nature Pre-School caters for children from Pre-Nursery (18 months) to Kindergarten 2 (6 years old).

As an IB PYP school, we take pride in our globally recognised curriculum, known for its quality and unwavering commitment to excellence. In our ongoing effort to better cater to our families with young children, we are thrilled to announce an expansion of our operational hours. Starting soon, our school will be open from 7 AM to 7 PM, providing families with the flexibility they need for drop-off and pick-up times, ensuring they seamlessly align with your daily routines.

Additionally, we understand the importance of consistent care and engaging activities during term breaks. Therefore, our school will remain open during these periods, offering enriching programs at no extra cost. This commitment ensures that your child can have a continuous and enriching educational experience year-round, with the exception of public holidays and designated professional days for our dedicated educators.

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What Sets EtonHouse Nature Pre-School Apart?

Getting Your Preschool Children Ready For The Future


Our school has extensive, purposeful, and diverse learning spaces that are integrated into the natural environment. Through this approach, children forge deep connections with the natural world, with sustainability serving as a cornerstone of the EtonHouse philosophy. Learning seamlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, fostering the view that the outdoors is a rich and organic learning environment.

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At our school, we are deeply rooted in a bilingual context and proudly offer a dual language programme. Each class is staffed with two qualified educators, one proficient in Mandarin and the other in English. This approach allows your child to develop fluency and proficiency in both languages from an early age.

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To prepare our K1 and K2 children for their transition to primary school, we offer a tailored Primary Preparation Programme. This programme equips them with essential skills and readiness, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to the next stage of their educational journey.


At our school, we remain committed to providing the highest quality education, nurturing well-rounded individuals, and responding to the unique context of our families. With our expanded hours, dual language programme, and dedication to learning in nature, we look forward to continuing to provide a nurturing and enriching environment for your child's growth and development.