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EtonHouse Pre-School Robertson Walk caters for children from Pre-Nursery (18 months) to Kindergarten 2 (6 years old).

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Conveniently located at Robertson Quay, our pre-school at Robertson Walk is unique in that we take learning outside of the campus, from discovery walks along Singapore River to engaging with the wider community.

We are now offering the 100% Chinese Immersion programme. An inquiry-based curriculum delivered exclusively in Mandarin, this programme lays a strong foundation in the language from a very young age.

Every day, children are exposed to the language for an extended period in school. This exclusive Chinese-speaking environment, which many do not have at home, is essential in giving children a strong foundation in the language. The campus also offers a bilingual programme.

At EtonHouse, children develop a genuine enthusiasm towards learning. However, academic knowledge alone is not sufficient. Our child-centred approach aims to raise independent problem solvers. Our children collaborate with friends from diverse backgrounds and are encouraged to express their ideas with confidence.

Highlights at Robertson Walk

  • Child-responsive inquiry-based curriculum
  • Chinese Immersion Programme
  • Specialist programmes in Arts and Physical Education
  • Dual language environment in Mandarin and English. Japanese is also offered.
  • Respectful learning spaces and diverse facilities including an indoor playground, library, and visual art studio.

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*Due to the latest COVID-19 restrictions, physical school tours are temporarily suspended. We continue to conduct virtual tours for all interested families. Thank you for your understanding.

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A Glimpse of EtonHouse Robertson Walk

What Sets Robertson Walk Apart?

EH RW after school club

Offering our Inquire.Think.Learn curriculum that responds to children's interests, students here develop a sound foundation in science, maths, arts and languages through an inquiry-based approach. Through hands-on projects, children stretch their imagination and are constantly challenged to solve problems independently.



Step into EtonHouse at Robertson Walk, and you will experience an inspiring learning environment specially designed to stimulate the learning and development of children between 18 months to 6 years of age. Spanning 11,000 square feet, children enjoy a range of facilities including an indoor playground, library, and a dedicated Visual Art studio.

RW Japanese

Here, children are immersed in a bilingual environment with both English and Mandarin teachers with them throughout the day. The dual-language environment ensures that children pick up both languages spontaneously. The Japanese language is also available, delivered by our in-house Japanese specialist teacher.