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Ebook: The Story of EtonHouse

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I wanted for every child to have a special school like the one [my daughter] she attended, one that celebrates each one of you, where learning is full of joy, where you are encouraged to ask questions, and your unique talents are cherished by your teachers.


I hope that your school is as special as I wanted it to be. I hope that every day in EtonHouse is filled with joy and curiosity, and memories that will last you a lifetime.” - Mrs Ng.

The Story of EtonHouse is an extraordinary book that resounds a mother’s dream, motivation, and passion for providing all children with a respectful, safe and nurturing environment to enjoy learning and become lifelong learners. Co-authored by Mrs Ng Gim Choo, Founder and Group Managing Director of EtonHouse International Education Group and Mr Ng Yi-Sheng, this book tells the story of Mrs Ng and her daughter, E-Ching, which inspired her to set up EtonHouse. It also encapsulates the philosophy and belief we have at EtonHouse. 


We hope the story of our humble beginnings, accompanied by stunning illustrations by Polina Ugarova, a talented illustrator from Germany, will leave you with wonder and inspire you to develop respectful relationships with your children and celebrate their uniqueness.