The 'Super Sleuths' E-Book

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The ‘Super Sleuths’ is the third book in the series of publications on the COVID 19 pandemic after ‘A new virus has arrived’ and ‘The language of kindness’. The book is dedicated to the work of the contact tracing team in Singapore that has done an outstanding job in mitigating and controlling the spread of the virus. Through beautiful illustrations, the book shares:

  1. How the virus spreads amongst the population
  2. The work of the contact tracing team called the ‘Super Sleuths’ 
  3. Why the job of the ‘super sleuths’ is so difficult and critical at the same time?
  4. What do the terms ‘close contact’, ‘quarantine’, and ‘social distancing’ mean? 
  5. Questions and reflections that encourage discussions and critical thinking amongst children and adults.

We respect children as curious and capable individuals. They are constantly making sense of their interactions and building an understanding of the world. As parents, we have an innate desire to protect our children against anything harmful. Instead of succumbing to our fears, let us instead engage and connect with our children as we support them in navigating the world.    

We hope this book opens up opportunities for dialogue and learning, for both child and adult. 

This publication is by the EtonHouse Community Fund (ECF), a Registered Non-Profit organization approved by the Commissioner of Charities in Singapore and is an Institution of

Public Character (IPC)

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If you have not already done so, download our sequels 'A New Virus Has Arrived', and 'The Language of Kindness'.

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