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Raising A Bilingual Child

How can you support your child in language acquisition if you do not speak Mandarin? What resources do you need to create a supportive environment at home to encourage fun and meaningful learning? What strategies do educators adopt that can be translated at home? Here you will find a list of videos, articles, podcasts, and resources to help your child develop a genuine connection with the Chinese culture and cultivate a lifelong love for learning Mandarin.

3 mins
Tips to set up a space at home for learning and exploration
2 Chinese
2 mins
How our educators support students who are not fluent in Mandarin in school
Copy of EHPS-ZH-2018-cny-role-play-drums2
3 mins
Benefits of a fully immersive environment
4 mins
What to do when your child has no interest in Mandarin
Chinese inquiry resized
5 mins
2 activities to engage them and spark their interest in Mandarin
Copy of [primary] 2016 broadrick 3rd Inter-School Chinese Competition 511 (1024x684)
4 mins
4 tips for developing their listening and speaking skills
Copy of [preschool] 2019 RW chinese writing
4 mins
3 examples to make writing Mandarin fun
Copy of [preschool] Established Chinese curriculum (5)
4 mins
5 strategies to build a good reading habit
Newsletter image (1)
Ebook | 12 mins
A guide to raising bilingual children
5 mins
Best books to raise a bilingual reader with
Copy of [primary] 2016 broadrick 3rd Inter-School Chinese Competition 613 (1024x684)
3 mins
Five things parents can do at home

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Broadrick photoshoot_mandarin
How should parents choose a bilingual immersion program?

A bilingual immersion program is essential for parents committed to the multi-year process needed to develop bilingualism, biliteracy and bi-cognition in children. Once your child is on a language immersion path, the environment must be maintained. 

Bilingual Immersion Programme aligned with IBPYP
EtonHouse International School Broadrick offers a well-established Bilingual Immersion Programme that nurtures children to become truly bilingual, culturally competent and internationally-minded. 
Copy of EHPS-ZH-2018-papercutting7
Chinese speech and drama holiday camp
Brought to you by The Eton Academy, be immersed in a Mandarin environment, expand your child’s vocabulary and let that inner star shine! Gain confidence in speaking, acting and working as a team as we learn about teamwork and conflict resolution in our Chinese Speech & Drama Holiday Programme!