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Play is a Child's Work

Find out how you can set up learning environments and experiences to encourage child-responsive learning which enhances their social, emotional, and analytical skills. Lisamarie Hughes, Principal of EtonHouse International School Sentosa, and Luna Deller, Principal of EtonHouse International School Thomson, shared ideas to maximise indoor play and outdoor exploration with probing questions to stimulate deep thinking in children during play. 

Copy of IMG_3911 (1)
4 mins
How play encourages innovation, critical and logical thinking skills
Copy of IMG_4162 (1)
5 mins
3 ways how play helps children develop higher-order thinking skills
Two kids playing a game of cards
3 mins
3 tips before engaging your children in play
Home made colourful holly and berries on a dark slate surface
5 mins
Using loose parts to develop creative and critical thinking skills at home
Happy family playing together on a bed at home
4 mins
Leverage on real-life play, small world play, imaginative, and spontaneous play at home
Why written on multiple road sign
4 mins
7 probing questions to ask your child to extend and deepen the play experience
yoga - sentosa
5 mins
5 tips for outdoor exploration - try Urban Yoga!
Thomson Forest School (3)
4 mins
9 ways to maximise outdoor spaces for learning at EtonHouse Thomson
Island as my garden (1)
6 mins
5 ways to amplify and extend learning experiences at EtonHouse Sentosa
Happy children silhouettes on summer meadow running and jumping
13 mins
10 tips to have a purposeful play experience with your child
Parenting web_cover-2
3 mins
Post-webinar resources

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Sad kid sitting on floor
Social-emotional learning
Managing Big Emotions
How do I teach my child to calm down when they get emotional? Why can’t I get through to my child when they are having a meltdown?
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Respectful parenting
Changing Parenting Patterns
How to manage tantrums or set boundaries with your toddlers or teens? What to do when these boundaries are crossed? How to repair broken boundaries and deal with parenting guilt?