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Sibling Squabbles

When the battle between siblings commences, parents can feel disarmed, crazed and helpless. When a good bond between siblings is established early, children can learn to manage conflict amicably hence rivalry can be significantly minimized. Once children learn to work through their differences, this important family bond can flourish and strengthen as they grow.

We invited Matthew Scott, Principal of Middleton International School and father of 3 children, and Stephanie Chalmers, Parent Educator and mother of 2 children, to share approaches to use these conflicts as teaching moments to help their children form a loving bond with each other. 

The 4 parenting styles
5 mins
Tips to inculcate a climate of love and acceptance based on your parenting style
3 mins
3 methods to turn conflicts into teachable moments
Group of happy children from back
5 mins
Reframe your thinking to avoid comparing your children
Tired angry father and his energetic son
4 mins
When to intervene and what to do?
Portrait of cheerful extended family standing at the park
3 mins
Tips to proactively prevent conflicts instead of reacting to them
parents webinar_stock image
9 mins
7 tips for fostering a good relationship between your children
Podcast-Covers-4 (1)
52 mins
Webinar - Sibling Squabbles

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Respectful Parenting
The Approach

What if you can turn power struggles into teachable moments you and your child can learn from? It is never too late to start practising respectful parenting in your family.

Sad kid sitting on floor
Social-emotional learning
Managing Big Emotions
How do I teach my child to calm down when they get emotional? Why can’t I get through to my child when they are having a meltdown?
Portrait of cheerful extended family standing at the park-1
Respectful parenting
Changing Parenting Patterns
How to manage tantrums or set boundaries with your toddlers or teens? What to do when these boundaries are crossed? How to repair broken boundaries and deal with parenting guilt?