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Nurturing Our Children's Wellbeing

Studies have shown that mental health problems affect around one in six children. Children with mental health issues struggle lifelong and risk developing mental health disorders. How can you help your child cope with life challenges and stressors or when should you seek professional help? When should you step in and how can you teach them to monitor and assess their mental health?
Good mental health helps children build positive social, emotional, behavioural, and communication skills. Here we invited Dr Gina Dahel, Head of Department of IMC's Children, to share the effects of stress on a child's development and approaches to support your child’s emotional wellbeing and build on their resilience to cope with challenges in life.
Happy children
3 mins
The importance of good mental health and its benefits
Child portrait
5 mins
Tips for identifying toxic stress in a child
Little boy with memo posts on his face
4 mins
Understand the long-term effects of stress on children
Happy child next to a doctor in hospital ward
3 mins
Seeking professional help before crisis point
Mother and daughter working in the garden
7 mins
11 ideas to help your child combat stress
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5 mins
Helping your teenager to manage stress triggers
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5 mins
Strategies to support our community and children's well-being
Podcast Covers
59 mins
Webinar - Children's wellbeing
25 mins
FB Live-Teenage Health and Wellbeing
3 mins
Strategies to support children's wellbeing in school
3 mins
Tips to Practice Mindfulness with Children
Happy teen girls having good fun time outdoors
3 mins
5 Ways to Help Your Teenager Manage Stress

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Social-emotional learning
Resolving Sibling Squabbles Peacefully
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Sad kid sitting on floor
Social-Emotional Learning
Managing Big Emotions
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