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Respectful Parenting

What is respectful parenting?

The Approach

Respectful parenting is rooted in the belief that children are equals and should be respected, valued, and heard as individuals. Some of us may want our children to have a childhood different from ours, but we may not know how to go about it. To support you on your respectful parenting journey, we’ve put together a guide culled from experts who share their professional expertise and personal experiences as parents.

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Benefits of respectful parenting

Respectful parenting is not permissive. The difference between respectful parenting and a traditional approach

6 mins video

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4 strategies to practise respectful parenting at home

Model the behaviour and fill up their emotional banks

4 mins video

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9 strategies to deal with demanding behaviour

Set boundaries, be consistent, create essential agreements together, repair ruptures and many more

14 mins video

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What is respectful parenting? Is it a philosophy or a parenting style?

How to apply respectful parenting into practice and handle our children's tantrums respectfully

2 mins read

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Approaches to support challenging home routines

The importance of the words we use and their impact on developing your child's self-identity

3 mins read

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Tips to support difficult emotional encounters

The power of our emotions and our important role as parents

3 mins read

Equip your child with the key skillsets

Strategies and Tips

Our educators, experts, and parent educators shared practical hands-on strategies and real-life experiences to help you navigate the most demanding moments and phases as you develop deep, meaningful and sustainable relationships with your children. Read on to find out how to apply these principles into practice at home, while shaping their behaviour and arming them with the appropriate lifeskills. 

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Social-Emotional Learning
Developing higher-order thinking skills through play
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Behaviour Guidance
Understanding and managing big emotions
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Nurturing our children's wellbeing
Behaviour Guidance
Resolving conflicts peacefully
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Changing parenting patterns
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Social-emotional learning
Developing empathy and kindness
Social-emotional learning
Nurturing resilience in our children
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Behaviour Guidance
Developing positive behaviours
Home-School Partnership

The EtonHouse Approach

Working closely with a school to develop a holistic approach to support your child's learning and development is crucial. Here, we explored the strategies and tools our educators applied in school to cultivate a respectful learning environment and the ways to build consistency between the school and home environment. Find out how EtonHouse schools cultivate a community of respectful learners.


Engage our students in learning Mandarin and develop them into effective communicators

Articles and videos

3)Kelsowheel by Diane Lee and Barbara Clark

Provides strategies to help students develop resilience and be open-minded

2 mins read

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Respectful caregiving

Being open, honest, and respectful in our interactions allows children to feel secure and comfortable in asking questions or seeking guidance from adults

5 mins video

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Is EtonHouse right for my child?

Connect with us

EtonHouse International School welcomes children from 18 months to 18 years of age. We have 14 campuses across Singapore so that you can choose one that best fits your family.

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